GS/XT Sample Chain


Sample size is 50mm x 30mm x 3mm.
Below you will find all 59 grades of GS/XT sample chain listed:

Product Grade Color
GS 0F00 clear
GS WH10 white
GS WH17 white
GS WH02 white
GS WH73 white
GS WH01 white
GS WM03 white
GS 1C33 yellow
GS 1H20 yellow
GS 1H01 yellow
GS 1H02 creme
GS 2H02 orange
GS 2C04 orange
GS 3H00 red
GS 3C01 red
GS 3H25 red
GS 3H55 red
GS 3H67 red
GS 3H01 red
GS 8C01 brown
GS 5H01 blue
GS 5H22 blue
GS 5H51 blue
GS 5C18 blue
GS 5C01 blue
GS 5H48 blue
GS 6H02 green
GS 6H01 green
GS 6C77 green
GS 7C14 grey
GS 7H32 grey
GS 7C83 grey
GS 7C82 grey
GS 7C22 umbra
GS 7C27 umbra
GS 9H10 black
GS 9C20 black
GS fluorescent 2C01 orange
GS fluorescent 3C02 red
GS fluorescent 6C02 green
GS fluorescent 1C50 yellow
Product Grade Color
XT 0A000 clear
XT WN670 white
XT WN370 white
XT WN770 white
XT WN071 white
XT WN970 white
XT WN297 white
XT 1N870 yellow
XT 1N270 yellow
XT 2N170 orange
XT 3N570 red
XT 3N670 red
XT 5N870 blue
XT 5N370 blue
XT 6N570 green
XT 8A570 brown
XT 7A670 grey
XT 9N871 black

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