Payment and Delivery


  • Prepayment (Cutting and delivery will only take place after we have received your payment)
  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)
  • Immediate Payment (only Germany and Austria)
  • PayPal

Please note that not all payment methods are offered for every country.

Sale and delivery are possible only to those countries or places which you can choose during the order process.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia (mainland), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (mainland), Germany, Greece (mainland), Ireland, Italy (mainland), Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands (mainland), Norway, Poland, Portugal (mainland), Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (mainland), United Kingdom

Delivery constrictions
• Countries outside the European Union  (except Switzerland, Norway & United Kingdom)
• French Isles
• Greek Isles
• Italian Isles
• Croatian Isles
• Dutch Isles
• Portuguese Isles
• Spanish Isles

Delivery to postal packing stations is not possible!

Delivery Time
Delivery shall be made to the address specified in your order, usually within 7-10 business days from receipt of payment in our account.

Ready for shipment within 48 hours
A quick delivery is very important to us! Therefore, we cut, package and ship your order within 48 hours. This time applies only to business days (Mon. - Fri.) and starts at the moment of receipt of payment on our account. In case of an unexpected delivery bottleneck, we will of course inform you immediately.

Shipping charges
The shipping charges depend on weight and overall dimensions and will be indicated separately before you submit your binding order. They are calculated via UPS online module.

The following shipping charges apply for Germany:

weight up to 2900mm belt dimension &
up to 150cm max. edge length
up to 4400mm belt dimension &
up to 275cm max. edge length
up to 5100mm belt dimension &
up to 300cm max. edge length
up to 10kg 8,95 € 32,95 € 49,95 €
up to 20kg 12,95 € 42,95 € 64,95 €
up to 50kg 19,95 € 59,95 € 89,95 €
up to 80kg 29,95 € 72,95 € 109,95 €
up to 120kg 43,95 € 89,95 € 129,95 €
up to 200kg 79,95 € 119,95 € 169,95 €
above 200kg 249 €

Extra charge for small quantities
We do not charge our customers for small order quantities.

*all marked prices in the PLEXIGLAS® Shop are incl. the legally owed value added tax, plus shipping costs

„Semi-finished polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products from POLYVANTIS are sold on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents under the registered trademark PLEXIGLAS®, in the Americas under the registered trademark ACRYLITE®, both owned by Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, or its affiliates“