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The heat-reflecting PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop products offer greater energy efficiency by cutting air conditioning costs.

Opal WZ001 HS
  • 45% Transmission
  • translucent
  • heat reflecting
  • UV absorbent
  • Thickness: 3 mm
from 74,21 € / m² * *incl. 20% VAT, excl. shipping
Cool Blue WZ030 NH
  • 20% Transmission
  • translucent
  • heat reflecting
  • high impact resistance
  This product can be purchased through our distributor.
    • 22.0% Transmission
    • translucent
    • heat absorbent
    • 3,0 mm
    • high-gloss surface
    • width of wave 76 mm
    • height of wave 18 mm
  This product can be purchased through our distributor.

*all marked prices in the PLEXIGLAS® Shop are incl. 20% VAT, plus shipping costs