Furniture and interior fittings

PLEXIGLAS® Visuelle Kommunikation & Ladenbau


Design ideas for furniture and interior fittings are so versatile as the rooms for which they are developed. PLEXIGLAS® offer freedom for ideas: The materials offer an extraordinary variety of colors, shapes and surface finishes.

To transform creative ideas into real objects in furniture making and interior fittings, PLEXIGLAS® can easily be shaped in almost any way. At the same time, it is very functional, break-resistant and easy to process, and also easy to clean and wear-resistant. It can be processed with common woodworking tools - and hence integrated in existing production processes.

Different shapes

  • Solid sheets and blocks
  • Tubes and rods
  • Multi-skin and corrugated sheets
  • Films
  • Design properties

  • Excellent light transmission and brilliance
  • Large variety of colors and surface finishes
  • Low weight
  • Break resistance
  • Easy to process and install
  • Long service life
  • UV resistance
  • Large-area formats
  • *all marked prices in the PLEXIGLAS® Shop are incl. the legally owed value added tax, plus shipping costs