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weatherproof furniture

Project Description

What is dice? Dice is a range of commercial grade weatherproof furniture that focuses on the strength of its core materials giving superior durability in the harshest environment. Why Dice? Dice has been designed to achieve a balance between strength functionality and contemporary design philosophy. By using leading edge technology and cutting edge materials Dice is simply setting the standard in commercial outdoor furniture design. Where is dice used? We started the design process in the harshest marine environment, if we could satisfy the demands that exist on board boats and ships, working backwards became simple maths. The Dice range excelled in trials and tests for both durability and stability at sea as well as proving faultless as a functional design. [More information…]

What makes it unique? While the basic core structure of dice gives it its tough lightweight and stable properties there are some clever refinements that make dice infinitely flexible and give the end user the ability to customise and create there own unique and individual design. This same process enables ongoing maintenance and refitting a simpler task. By using an uncompromising approach to the base materials the design achieves timeless style and proportion What is available? The dice range has deliberately been kept simple. The base of all products is a basic set of dimensional proportions or rules that are used to protect the design identity. The current available lines are: * Dice low Seat * Dice High Bar Seat * Dice long Dining Table * Dice tall Bar Table Who uses dice? While we see our designs integrating well in both domestic and commercial applications we have a target market that includes: Cruise ships, Hotels, Restaurants Galleries, Museums, and design led retailers

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