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PLEXIGLAS® with light - a perfect relation




The combination of PLEXIGLAS ® and light creates stunning effects!
The possibilities are almost as diverse as the products in our shop. To make sure you find the best combination of PLEXIGLAS ® and light, we show you examples and explain what type of material fits your application.
First of all, you have to decide which light source you would like to use:





       Fluorescent tubes





LED technology evolves very quickly. To maximize benefits such as durability and energy efficiency, we have developed the PLEXIGLAS® LED product range.
Now you must decide where to place the LEDs on the Panel and what kind of lighting method fits your application. A distinction is drawn between edge lighting, backlighting and side lighting.


When using LEDs with conventional material, so-called hot spots will become visible on the illuminated surface. These light circles do not look particularly beautiful and can be avoided with customized products such as PLEXIGLAS ® LED for backlighting. As manufacturer and inventor, we of course ensure that the maximum luminosity of LEDs are used to create a perfect result for you!









Side lighting:

We all know bright posters at bus stops or in city centres which are perfect examples of side lighting. Nowadays they can also be equipped with LED bars instead of fluorescent tubes. The LED bar is attached on the bottom of the light box while our PLEXIGLAS® WH46 SC spreads the light optimally all over the light housing. As a result, the aluminum frames are thinner and the LEDs needs less power power – two really efficient ways of cost saving!



Edge lighting:

Ultra flat and a real eye-catcher: our PLEXIGLAS® LED edge lighting products. The light is coupled into the edge which creates light fields that are just as thin as the sheet itself. These special materials break the light inside the sheet and redirect it to the front. The entire surface will shine in any color!









Fluorescent tubes

Our PLEXIGLAS® Satinice 0D010 DF has a double-sided matte finish and is excellent light scattering. Tiny diffusor pearls distribute the light of the fluorescent tube all over the sheet to create a beautifully shine.