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Wall lamps „kuk0 + kukI“

Project Description

Light, color and space are the key components of these wall lamps. The applied novel material PLEXIGLAS® Radiant by Evonik Röhm reflects and transmits the light and splits it in its color range. By two one another reflecting PLEXIGLAS® Radiant surfaces and a light source which is located in between these two surfaces, the lamp creates a virtual endless space in the depth of the wall area, which changes - as well as the colors - depending on the viewing angle. T 5 tubes in ring form or Dulux L compact fluorescent lights are offered as illuminant. Technical Data: 230 volt kuk0: ring- shaped T5 tube 22 watt kukI: Dulux L 18 watt square measure: 40 x 40 cm, depth 11cm. Awarded with the „Design Plus“ Prize, which is presented by a distinguished jury in conjunction with the Ambiente international consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt.

Further Information


Ben Wirth





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Thickness of Material

3 mm


Project Location

Germany, Munich