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table Icelit

Project Description

The icelit is a light table using LED. The concept is fusion of square and sphere. The globe shines calmly inside the triangular pillar where table is supported. The light illuminates non-uniformly and the shine seems different shape by the angle of viewer because of the form of pillar, slits and edge. The group of simple shape expresses uniformity, no uniformity, and stability and movement. There seems to be a globe because the lamp space is clipped to the circle though the ball of light doesn't actually exist in the inside. Frostings were given to the clipped surface, so neither the light nor sockets are seen from the outside. [More information…]

I chose colors with deep and soft nuance this time in attractive PLEXIGLAS SATINICE®. The fantastic color worlds which are different from acrylic [mehr] itself appear by the combination of LED light and each color. The color has Terra, Plum and Carbon. The photo model is Terra:300X300XH700mm. (Others are Plum:300X300XH1000mm, Carbon:600X600×H450mm.) The size is additionally changed by installation requirements because the structure is simple and independent.

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