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Retail Store Telstra

Descrizione del progetto

This is TelstraClear’s first retail store in NZ. The store brief was to provide customers with a complete TelstraClear InHome brand experience. Visitors to the store experience what it’s like to have TelstraClear’s triple-play InHome residential service - phone, Internet, and Digital TV. The store is to be a living billboard & aims to provide the all-important ‘face-to-the-name’ where staff can demonstrate the services and sign up customers in store. The site is a corner of floor to ceiling glazing with a very low stud height (2.4m clear). The shape of the tenancy was unusual & complex measuring approx 150sqm. [Ulteriori informazioni]

The store has five plasma TV's, including one set up in a home theatre room to display digital TV with surround sound. There are six Apple iMac’s connected to TelstraClear’s high-speed broadband and a holographic video is projected onto screens & a sound system that can be seen & heard from the sidewalk. John Lenihan of RCG chose to use Plexiglas from PSP as a significant element in the design. The challenge was to create pods within the overall space for watching digital TV or using highs-peed internet on iMacs. Purple toned Plexiglas was cut to an elliptical shapes reflecting the TelstraClear brand & suspended below the ceiling with its light weight minimising fixing. These ‘discs’ could also be backlit & are a cost effective 3 dimensional representation of the spectrograph element of the brand (the spectrograph resembles nebula in space through a telescope!) The plexiglas discs appear to float & glow. Plexiglas was also used as elliptical shelves under the pod desks & as countertops on coffee tables & counters. In this project all the innovative qualities of Plexiglas have been utilised in creative & innovative ways that made a very important contribution to the creation of a TelstraClear Inhome brand experience.

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New Zealand


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