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Sales Counter - Fullers

Descrizione del progetto

Fullers Bay of Islands came to us in early July 2006 with a brief to re design their sales counter in the Maritime building on the wharf at Paihia, Bay of Islands. This project was interesting, as their counter was surrounded by the counters of their opposition, so it had to really stand out, and separate their brand from those neighbouring, such as a bright red ‘Mack Attack’ and ‘Kings’ counters. There are up to 12,000 passengers per day in the summer months, and 90% of people who walk through the space are looking to buy a day trip, so Fullers needs to catch their attention over their competitors. [Ulteriori informazioni]

Their existing counter did not utilize the space, or give a clear direction for people to approach the sales counter. Our job was to direct customers to the counter, and move them away from the entrance, to give more space and movement to the area. Fullers needed to retain customers who approached, and create a counter which was ergonomic, and broke down as many barriers as possible between customers and sales staff. We designed 3 curved sales counters, which staff can easily move around, to interact with customers both on the floor and behind the desk. PSP’s Plexiglas was ideal for the job as it was flexible and easily manipulated into different forms. The range of colours allowed us to choose one which perfectly suited Fuller’s branding, and looked fresh, clean and contemporary. The translucent quality of the product meant that we could light it with fluorescent tubes and it immediately stood out from its neighbouring competitors. Originally the counters we designed were sharper curves, but as Plexiglas only curved to a certain point we had to soften the curve to accommodate the product. This issue turned out to be positive as it made for a better working space. In addition to the Plexiglas on the counter fronts, we incorporated PSP clear acrylic light boxes to illuminate branding and imagery. Another Fullers counter in the same area was clad in Plexiglas of another colour. This allowed us to create a counter which looked completely different, but still related in atmosphere. The client was very happy with the outcome, and felt that the Plexiglas gave a clean, slick and fresh feel to the Fullers area. Already it has proved to attract more customers, and it definitely stands out from the surrounding competitors. Plexiglas brought colour and light into the space in an original way, and has created a fun feel to the Fullers brand.

Ulteriori informazioni


Ignite Architects


Settore commerciale/Lavoro




New Zealand


Prodotto utilizzato


Spessore del materiale

6 mm


Località dell'installazione

New Zealand