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Paris Texas - a Jeansshop

Descrizione del progetto

Paris Texas’ Sylvia Park shop marks our return to designing for this chain since it’s change of ownership. As such, we wanted to create something quite different to the brands’ other shops and to other fashion shops in general. Our central design theme was one of stripping back the store to its key elements and making a feature of these. We then added decoration to internal and external surfaces and simply exposed all structure and services. [Ulteriori informazioni]

As we had windows to two sides of the shop, we had to create some walls to merchandise against. We didn’t want to completely close of the shop from the windows however. Our solution was to simply line the back of the racking with PSP Multi Wall. This material forms a great room divider that let’s light through and provides a sense of what is behind, while not allowing a view straight through which would have muddled the shop and window displays. It is also a durable, cost effective and easy to move partition system unlike a plastered wall. We used a similar divider between the retail and changing room areas. We keep colour in the shop to a minimum for an industrial look and avoid clashing with the merchandise. We did, however, want to avoid a plain white shop with a concrete floor, which has become clichéd in fashion stores. To achieve this, we commissioned strong custom graphics, which include full-wall graphics and individual signs. Some of these are cut from PSP plexiglass to give a slight 3-D effect and to achieve a gloss black finish reminiscent of liquid oil. The only other feature colour is yellow, which is used for the painted floor and key elements of the racking. Overall we hoped to achieve a balance between minimal slickness, in keeping with the high-end casual merchandise and an industrial temporariness which, we feel, will strike a chord with the target market.

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Settore commerciale/Lavoro

Interior Design



New Zealand


Prodotto utilizzato

Stegplatte PLEXIGLAS RESIST® weiß W1621 GT


Spessore del materiale



Località dell'installazione

New Zealand