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ASTA Club & Lounge

Descrizione del progetto

The project brief called for a complete new interior fit-out of an existing 580m2 night club with a more holistic conceptual design that would become Asta Club and Lounge. The intention of the client was to create a sophisticated and stylish club with a lounge component and dance floor. The target clientele was 25+, with the venue to be used for a variety of music genres including dance, funk, soul, disco and house as well as cater for large media launching events The PSP product selected for use in this project was the PSP Plexiglas SATINice ,colour White acrylic sheets. These are lit internally with different coloured gels over new technology dimmable ballast fluorescent lighting, faced in natural cedar timber slats of varying depths laid in a horizontal patination. [Ulteriori informazioni]

The club is located in the basement of a building on Victoria Street East, being completely subterranean although an exceptionally large space it lacked intimacy and became claustrophobic once full. The realised solution was to break the space into a variety of functional undefined multi purpose lounges, allowing for the club to be opened in stages until capacity is reached. These areas cater to an array of needs, moods and number of guests. This is wholly achieved through the use of illuminated joinery panels . The partitions are between private elevated intimate lounge spaces. The illuminated dividing units create a quiet zone away from the dance floor, double as a bar leaner and provide visual and physical barriers. They are more than robust enough to take the rigours of club life. We also used a version of illuminated panels to provide a delineated path through to the dance floor these incorporate plasma flat screen T.V.’s for video imaging . They are also used to effect as cladding over the bar area giving concealed storage and to the rear walls, creating depth. In using the semi opaque acrylic, variable colour tones and hues are able to be produced, providing controllable ambient light and subtle warmth. The lighting is controlled both from behind the bar and the DJ booth. This allows for the mood and ambiance of the venue to reflect the music, the crowd as well as the preferred level for the time of evening and morning. As there are only 4 pin spots lighting the mirror-balls which constitute our overhead lighting, the lit Plexiglas panels are our main source of light. This provides maximum flexibility in lighting levels while maintaining safety and visibility in an entertainment environment with all that that entails for its users. With a strict budget the acrylic was a more affordable option to glass and more as effective. The ability to drill and cut on site, made acrylic our first choice. Although the product Plexiglas SATINice White is scratch resistant with anti-finger mark coating, the timber slats help to protect it from damage in such a high use area, as well as creating a mood full play of subdued light shining through natural unfinished cedar slats. The panels are easily removable for changing the colour of the gels, servicing and maintenance. The club has been hugely successful and has been voted as New Zealand’s best club in the recent “Night-life” poll. It has held numerous notable events as well as hosting a myriad of local and international DJ’s. The “PSP” acrylic and wood panels allow for variations to the space which satisfy the requirements of different occasions with sophistication and subtle chic style. The clients are very happy withy there new look and patronage is at capacity most nights.

Ulteriori informazioni


David Locke Design


Settore commerciale/Lavoro




New Zealand


Prodotto utilizzato


Spessore del materiale

6 mm


Località dell'installazione

New Zealand