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Max Clothing

Descrizione del progetto

Max’s Queen St store is the latest in a chain of high-end women’s fashion chains. It comprises the ground floor of an old Queen St building and was formed by combining the former Max site and the adjacent tenancy. Our client wanted to advance our existing Max formula in recognition of the fact that this is the flagship store. The difficult site had problems with egress, sloping floors, multiple columns and a low ceiling height. The ceiling was removed to gain ceiling height and break the flat plane of the ceiling. We added some oversize lights for dramatic impact and an antler chandelier for the “chill-out” seating area. The main features of the interior are strings of plastic beads, which were added around the central columns. We encased these “jewels” in a series of PSP PLEXIGLAS® XT clear acrylic, 4 m length tubes with an outer diameter of 40 mm. As these columns couldn’t be hidden, they might as well feature! The outcome is a sparkling and dynamic showcase. The PLEXIGLAS® XT rods were also used to form a transparent screen enclosing the seating area. Racking is our Max standard of stainless steel with a large proportion of hanging fixtures to keep the floor uncluttered. The counter is clad in patinaed and “blued” steel sheet left to age. The walls were treated in a mixture of embossed concrete panels, sheer curtains, mosaic tile and ad campaign graphics to break the expanse of wall and break away from the typical white walls of most fashion shops. The fitting rooms and adjacent seating area was deliberately treated as a rich electric and decadent space in recognition that it’s function is different from the rest of the shop. As most buying decisions are made in the fitting room area, we wanted a sense if intimacy and excitement. The PLEXIGLAS® XT rods form a transparent screen to define the junction between the fitting rooms and seating area. Velvet curtains, lush, eclectic furniture and curved shapes, contrast with the harder lines of the rest of the shop. We hope we have achieved a store environment that is rich, welcoming and different from a typical chain roll-out, but without venturing into the amateurish mismatch that typifies many one-off fashion shops. Customers appear to agree as turnover is up by over 50 percent.

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Settore commerciale/Lavoro

Interior Architect



New Zealand


Prodotto utilizzato


Spessore del materiale

40 mm outer dia., 4000 mm length


Località dell'installazione

Christchurch / New Zealand