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Sculptural Light Panels

Project Description

The area for which these panels were designed and installed, are part of a large landscape project which I have undertaken for clients Neil and Judith Plummer, in Huia Rd, Titirangi. This project has been an ongoing one and was initially started in early 2005, with the pool area being the latest stage, completed in March of this year. The brief given to me for this area, was to revamp the existing space and to create something artistic and in keeping with the larger landscape plan, I had already started to implement in other areas of the 4ac. Property. After some consultation with the clients I proposed a concept plan utilizing a planting combination of NZ, Australian and South African natives in a structured format, with the focal point of the design being a curved schist stone [More information…]

seat (to match the schist in the house’s construction) flanked by similar curved stainless steel and acrylic sculptural panels. The acrylic product chosen was PSP PLEXIGLAS® SATINCE Kiwi. The factors of light, form and colour were foremost in my decision to utilize the ‘Kiwi’ Satin Ice as I had used this coloured acrylic in a previous project (Sculptural totem for Waiheke Is. exhibition and sculpture exhibition at Ellerslie Flower Show, 2006) and the luminosity of the product captured my imagination completely. The colour of this product was ideal to use in this garden setting, as it offset the other foliage colours beautifully and also picked up similar shades in the tips of the sculptural aloes used in the forefront of the design. It also was very effective in picking up shades of the fresh new growth in the surrounding large Nikau palms, which can be seen as a backdrop from the pool area. Due to the ability of the Satin Ice to transmit light and change it’s shade, depending upon how and where the light source played upon it, I decided to utilize this factor and install 20w halogen light units underneath the panels, with holes of slightly larger diameter drilled out in the bases into which the lights were directed. In this way the units could be enjoyed at night with an entirely different ambience encountered in the area, compared to that of daytime. Stainless steel (316 marine grade) was chosen as the framework medium for a number of reasons, its clean lines contrast well with the schist and foliage forms and textures, it gives the panels a ‘construction’ feel which is carried through with the choice of heavy duty fittings for attaching the acrylic and steel top caps, strength due to heavy winds that can sometimes occur in that area and also the medium ties this area in with the rest of the garden due to the other sculptural features I have designed and installed (stainless steel / flat schist pebble light towers) elsewhere in the landscape. Steel work construction was carried out, after initial design and consultations as to workability, by Erikson Engineering of Waiuku and then fabrication of the acrylic was carried out by Anything Acrylic of Drury. Due to the curvature of the panels, blanks of acrylic were needed to be glued and screwed top and bottom to hold the panels together and keep the integrity of the shape, once mounted to the steel work. Due to the flexibility of the product, the panel sheets could be cold mounted as the curve is within the products range of movement. Reflections upon installation completion are that the entire concept has come together very successfully and the panels have achieved the impact I had hoped they would. They have created a talking point for all who visit the garden and the clients are very satisfied with the end product.

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Titirangi , West Auckland