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PLEXIGLAS® Sheets in Shop
Available in many varieties and colors with a variety of features. For any application the right sheet!
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PLEXIGLAS® XT (allround), sheet, Yellow 1N870 GT

PLEXIGLAS® XT  (allround) Yellow 1N870 GT /productphotos/upload/PL1N870GT__3,00.jpg
PLEXIGLAS® XT  (allround) Yellow 1N870 GT
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Product properties
  • 22.0% Transmission
  • translucent
  • UV absorbent
  • high-gloss surface
  • 3,0 mm

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Price: 2,36 GBP Incl.19% Tax

Thickness :
3,0 mm
34,30 GBP / m²
Incl.19% Tax, plus cut & shipping cost
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