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Baci Lounge

Project Description

The brief for this project was to create a totally integrated bookshop and café offer. An intimate inviting atmosphere was required. In addition to this it also had to be dramatic to encourage passer-by’s. PSP Product used – Plexiglas Satin Ice “Strawberry” A pallet of curvatous and sinuous architectural elements were created and this language was to pervade throughout the fit out. As part of this augmentation of lighting elements were required to create a dramatic yet inviting atmosphere. [More information…]

A strategy was required to easily and economically produce these large feature ceiling elements. By using Plexiglas Satin Ice we were able to combine a frame and a translucent skin (to suit backlit and front lit applications) into one material that could easily be shaped. To support the theme the same product was utilised to create a sinuous “tactile book display” retail fixture. The result is tremendously successful and is really the crowning glory of an already dramatic interior space.

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Market Segment/Occupation




New Zealand


Product you are using


Thickness of Material

6 mm


Project Location

New Zealand