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Sculpture Koru

Descripción del proyecto

Over the years I have sculpted a number of artworks from acrylic blocks. These works have all been of a personal nature and gifts to my closest friends for wedding presents. The latest sculpture is a Koru made for my wife, for our wedding in April 2006. The Koru is a Maori name given to the newborn, unfurling fern frond and symbolises new life, growth, strength. As an artpiece it is a balanced form with enough dynamic to keep it interesting. [Más información]

The process begins with thumbnail sketches to settle on an idea, then progress this to a one to one scale from polystyrene. Moving to acrylic I then cut out the shape from a sheet of 60 mm PLEXIGLAS® on a side profile. Then I use a grinder to begin the carving. I then progress to sandpapering and down through the wet and dry grades, completing with a polishing compound. It is difficult to estimate the time involved but it is hundreds of hours. The final sculpture is approximately 300 mm high by 300 mm wide. I do believe that acrylic sculptures can have a place in the art world, but due to the time commitments have never chosen to sell the works.

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JDD Design


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New Zealand


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60 mm cast block material


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