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Design Chain

Descripción del proyecto

These days we need our homes to be just as flexible as our lifestyles. Limited space and a desire to store all our various possessions mean we need clever and resourceful solutions. Therefore we must look for multi–functional furniture and storage systems that work to suit our lives and are in harmony with our home environment. The storage concept I have designed makes good use of small spaces and can be placed anywhere and configured to suit any area where it may be utilised. [Más información]

The design has evolved from the familiar dynamics of a bicycle chain. It is a modular system that moves like a chain to fill any space. It can be placed on the floor, on tables or shelves or even attached to the wall. It can be used horizontally or vertically and will suit any room in the house, restaurant, bar or office. My original design was for an interactive wine rack that could be used as functional art, where the user can create how it will look in their surroundings. My design met all the necessary criteria for a successful wine rack. It is stable and supports bottles securely even when stacked. In an environment of a home, bar or restaurant it is attractive yet still genuinely functions well. It will hold bottles of all sizes that are easily accessed and are stored without difficulty. My chain design is interactive and people have the ability to change, move or add to the storage system. It is fun and easy to use and can be reconfigured to suit changing habits and requirements. The designchain™ is modular so can be split up into smaller units or with the addition of more pieces can be used sculpturally either by stacking or attaching it to the wall. It allows people to use their imagination to create a design themselves. The design is so versatile and functional; its dimensions can be altered to create larger versions for storing everything from towels, shoes, clothes, books or whatever fits the space within the tubes. Due to the technology advances in PLEXIGLAS® the chain can be produced in colours and textures. It can be tinted, transparent or opaque depending on current trends or preferences. Storage furniture that will make the best of a small area is not always easy to find. The growing trend is for homeowners to have a system that is both attractive and functional that fulfils the needs in a modern home. I think my chain system can accommodate every area of the home and its uses are extensive and varied. There is a trend towards a piece of furniture that can be shaped in a multitude of ways and uses vibrant colours or sedate tones to suit the users environment. An innovative piece of furniture to inspire peoples imagination and creative spirit will always be well received and the chain system fits into this category perfectly. “Imagine a wine rack you can place anywhere, store your bottles safely and have fun designing yourself. Think of a bike chain and how it works, how it moves. Enlarge the concept to fit bottles and you have an interactive, fun and functional storage solution to inspire your creative spirit. The designchain™ will allow you to make a sculpture or a design that can be changed at will. You can add more links and create a work of art on the wall if you desire. It can be split up into smaller units and carry a selection of wine with safety. To assemble it is like Lego for adults. By making up sets of smaller links you can attach them together to form a chain. You can leave it with open ends or close it up as a complete loop. Each method will leave you further design options. Versatile and easily managed, the designchain™ will hold your precious cargo safely even when moving or changing the design to suit another spot. The fact that it can be used upright means you can hold everything from flowers, to utensils to magazines. The glory of the design is its versatility so go ahead and find your use for it!” In designing the designchain™ my intention was to create a simple modular system that could be sculptural and fun to use. It was not intended to be a cellar type rack but something attractive and fun that could safely hold enough bottles for use anywhere in the modern home. The dimensions could be altered to create storage systems for other items, as the design principles still remain the same (for example towels or clothes storage). The chain can be used vertically as well with the tubes standing up so it can be used to store bottles along the length of a bench or bar. This allows easy access to often tall thin bottles used for oils or vinegars (at home) or liquor or spirits (in a bar). The PLEXIGLAS® tubes raise the links above the bench surface so they will not get wet and it can be shaped to go around corners or around obstacles. The sculptural feature also extends to wall mounting. In this version the designchain™ can be securely fastened to any wall safely and in any possible configuration. You can join 2 or more together to create a long chain that will be organic in shape or geometric, the choice is up to the user. It can then be used as a shelf similar to the design classic from Ron Arad, the bookworm. The designchain™ exceeds this though by being able to continue as one piece or link back together as a complete unit, just like a bicycle chain! We have taken this opportunity to use PSP PLEXIGLAS® tubes for the designchain due to it’s crystal clear transparency and ability to be easily machined into the component parts. By using a 10mm sheet for the chain links there is enough strength to ensure the product is not easily broken and the 100mm clear PLEXIGLAS® tube with a 5mm wall thickness allows sufficient thickness for machining and still leave room for large bottles. For smooth transition and movement between the links we used Teflon washers, which with the addition of coloured vinyl transfers, can add ad a dash of colour to the designchain. With the use of specialty adhesives from PSP the PLEXIGLAS® tubes could be fitted with clear bases so the designchain can be stood upright and remain watertight. The designchain has been patented for it’s original innovation and utility and has also been critically acclaimed for the creative yet simple design. The aesthetics of the crystal clear material really make this product astounding to look at and marvellously stylish. Apart from being beautiful it is also practical and this is what sets it apart from the rest. It is true representation of great design with absolute function. Although there is pronounced technical innovation involved with the design, the PLEXIGLAS® materials from PSP really make the product something special. Superb clarity of material combined with easily viewable contents, make sure the product has an impact visually that makes a statement. It is a contemporary design that abounds with functionality. It’s adaptability and ability to be conformed by the user to suit different applications means there is always a place it can be used and the form is never static. It encourages the user to be involved in how it looks and challenges them to add their own input as to how it is seen and employed. By working with the PSP PLEXIGLAS® we have managed to achieve the desired results easily. All the components have been made using standard PSP materials already in production. The addition of Satin Ice acrylic sheet would take the design to the next level by introducing a fantastic colour spectrum. Combinations of colour would add a dimension to the designchain never seen before and this will be the next step in taking the project further into the future.

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Hucks Design


Sector comercial / Profesión




New Zealand


Espesor del material

100 mm OD, 5 mm Wall Thickness


Lugar de la instalación

New Zealand