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Project Description

EPMU Offices (Engineering, Printers & Manufacturers Union) Lyall Bay, Wellington In 2006,EPMU purchased an empty industrial warehouse in Lyall Bay, one block distant from Wellington Airport and the Lyall Bay surf beach. The brief was to provide functional accommodation for EPMU Wellingtons entire operation that would be functional, light , and conducive to a need for a high degree of staff interaction. There was a requirement to provide an aesthetic to show innovation, reflecting their desire to portray a modern, structured organisation. Their immediate past office was spread over three stories of single office accommodation which was cold, dark and separatist. The new premises required special consideration in relation to airport noise and a close proximity to the Lyall Bay surf beach, one building to the west. The overall design had to be cost effective to ensure that the union could relay responsible expenditure to its members. [More information…]

Perry Architects suggested an open plan environment within the existing high-stud portal framed structure,. High-performance glazing was inserted to the northern face and to the street frontage to the east. Meeting rooms and entrance was provided from the street frontage with the open plan office extending fthe majority of the length of the building on the northern face. The southern zone was utilised for quiet rooms, meeting rooms, library, kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen and library is divided from the main open plan area by a sloping full height (7m), plexi-glass satin ice wall of predominantly white and purple panels. These panels are exposed screw fixed to a metal grid. This translucent wall works to divide the space and to provide a dramatic feature to complement the exposed duct work and lofty appearance of the office environment. Industrial pendant illumination is placed to the south of the wall to achieve an a backlit illuminated quality. This illuminated wall is also used to show the EMPU logo located at shoulder height which is used for television and photo opportunities. The plexi-glass material has also been used to provide a feature to the reception entry by way of glowing panels which greet visitors at the entrance foyer to highlight the reception area as the first point of contact. The use of the satin ice feature panels enabled us to achieve an innovative and original solution to an open plan office environment. The material provides a translucent quality to supplement the use of coloured and frosted glazing throughout the project. The design solution includes a high degree of perimeter acoustic performance achieved by multi-layered Gypsum board, double-glazed performance glazing systems and an inclusion of a high specification air conditioning system, all to meet a requirement of an energy efficient environment. The overall aesthetic of the office has clean lines with an industrial overtone to reflect the union members engineering membership, while providing an appropriate focal point for a modern organisation. Malcolm Perry NZIA Registered Architect

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8 mm


Project Location

Lyall Bay, Wellington